M*ModalLEAP is a next generation online Healthcare Documentation Specialist (HDS) training portal developed by M*Modal to recruit, train and develop HDS professionals.  Starting with an Online Recruitment Portal for new recruits, it goes on to provide an interactive and responsive training experience for new HDS.  The fully functional HDS and editing training platforms with their “hands-on” modules replicate real-life production situations and ensure that all trainees have a successful beginning to their careers as an HDS.  Its Continuing Education Programs equip novices as well as experienced HDS with state-of-the-art knowledge and techniques. 

M*ModalLEAP’s foundations lie in a vast repository of well-researched medical training material, drawing upon industry-best manpower and resources only available to the world’s largest HDS company. The portal features a smart and flexible Learning Management System that provides for efficient learning and prompt assessment.