CEP Test

M*Modal’s Continuing Education Program

It is necessary for even the most experienced staff to keep their skills updated by learning new terms, new techniques, and filling in the gaps in their overall proficiencies.  

It is M*ModalLEAP’s endeavor to provide a comprehensive CEP platform with education material and exercises that make CEP an interesting and fruitful journey as learners strive to better themselves. 

M*Modal’s production staff can register themselves into M*ModalLEAP and get started with either the recommended or self need-based CEPs.  These CEPs are flexible and are specifically designed keeping in mind the work dynamics of a production staff.  Each CEP includes adequate reference material, quizzes, transcription exercises, and tests.  These are plug-n-play training programs and do not depend on instructors, which means that production staff can also log into this module at any time of the day/night and follow simple instructions to smoothly guide through the program.  All quiz and test scores and feedback rendering justification are readily available which helps the candidate to continually improve as the training program progresses.

Please click here to register for CEP program.