M*Modal Certification Test

In order to ensure quality deliverables, it is mandatory for production staff under M*Modal to be M*Modal Certified.  The new entrants undergo M*Modal Certification Examination after training. The experienced transcriptionists undergo certification examination at the time of recruitment.

Certification Examination is conducted to assess and certify that the appearing candidate has the required proficiencies to be a competent medical transcriptionist.

Benefits of M*Modal Certification:

  • A confirmation on individual’s proficiency in medical transcription.
  • A confirmation on completion of training and eligibility to begin production for trained new entrants (Freshers).
  • Formal M*Modal Certificate is awarded to successful candidates.
  • Eligibility to work on M*Modal’s production rolls.
  • Most respected certification course in Indian medical transcription industry.

There are different certification modules for trained new entrants, on-the-job trainees / medical transcriptionists, and editors / QAs; based on the required proficiency parameters. Certification test includes both theory as well as practical transcription making it a comprehensive certification process. The theory and practical scores are then given proportionate weightages to arrive at the final score.

The theory test comprises of 150 objective questions and transcription / editing test includes a group of specially selected files spanning various kinds of reports as well as difficulty levels to be transcribed.

Tests for Test Covers Details of the test Passing Criteria

Fresh Trainee
(transcription & theory)


(transcription & theory)


Editor / QA
(editing & theory)

Practical:  The transcription and the editing tests have a mix of files from all important systems and worktypes, especially operative notes.  Files are well balanced with difficulty levels too.

Theory:  Questions based on practical knowledge for transcription.

Trans: 3 hours
Editing: 2 hours

  • 13-14 mins dictation
  • 4 to 6 files

Covers all important systems & reports.

Theory: 2 hours

150 Questions on

(Fresh Trainee)




(Editors / QA)


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