Entrance Test

M*Modal’s recruitment policy aims at selecting candidates who can be molded to be proficient medical transcriptionists through its comprehensive training program.  “Well selected is well performed” is M*Modal’s motto when it comes to recruitment.

M*Modal follows an integrated and standard selection program for both new entrants aspiring to take up medical transcription as a career as well as experienced medical transcriptionists and editors who wish to join M*Modal. 

The entrance test forms the important first step of the 2-step recruitment process.  The second step is a personal interview.

A brief outline on M*Modal’s Entrance Test

Entrance Test for Freshers

Keeping in line with the requirements of the industry, stress is laid on English language proficiency.  While candidates with medical background are welcome, non-medical background candidates are equally welcome.  In fact, there are more candidates from nonmedical background; and they do very well.  There is also a brief listening comprehension test conducted for assessing comprehension and basic accent knowledge.  There is no negative marking system.

Personal interview is carried out post online entrance test.

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Testing module includes:

  • Tests
    • Test for English language proficiency
      • Grammar & reading comprehension
      • Spelling test.
      • Essay writing.
    • Test for Listening comprehension
  • Personal Interview: Face-to-face conversation and discussion with candidates clearing the grammar and listening tests for selecting the right candidate for the post.

All successful candidates are suitably oriented on HDS Industry and work dynamics and then on mutual acceptance, the candidates are recruited as trainees.  These trainees undergo comprehensive and holistic 6-month training program with M*Modal.  Trainees who successfully complete the training program (clear the certification test) are provided with unique M*Modal HDS IDs to work on M*Modal production accounts.

Lateral Recruitment Test (For experienced transcriptionists, editors)

M*Modal employs different testing mechanisms for medical transcriptionists, on-the-job-trainees, and editors based on the required proficiency parameters.

It is M*Modal’s policy that all trained transcriptionists with M*Modal must be M*Modal Certified.  Hence, this selection test serves as certification test.

Candidates clearing M*Modal Certification examination are:

  • Awarded a M*Modal Certificate.
  • Provided a unique numeric code called HDSID.
  • Allowed to transcribe files for M*Modal accounts.
Tests for Test Covers Details of the test Passing Criteria

(transcription & theory)




Editor / QA
(editing & theory)

Practical:  The transcription and the editing tests have a mix of files from all important systems and worktypes, especially operative notes.  Files are well balanced with difficulty levels too.

Theory:  Questions based on practical knowledge for transcription.

Trans: 2-1/2 hours
Editing: 2 hours

  • 11-13 mins dictation
  • 4 to 5 files

Covers all important systems & reports.

Theory: 30 mins

150 Questions on




(Editors / QA)


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