Learning Management System (LMS) – Fresh & Experienced Modules

M*Modal’s medical transcription training program is meticulously researched, scientifically placed, analyzed, and constantly updated.  The course content and all its functionalities are completely online and are delivered by our well experienced professionals with the use of audiovisual aid for lasting effect.

M*ModalLEAP LMS is world class training portal where all training activities for new entrants (freshers) and experienced is carried out in the highest standard that M*Modal’s training is already known for.
Medicine, American English, Standards and other classes along with tests are carried out through LMS.  Transcription activities for training are also carried out here.  There is prompt and real time feedback through wide array of reports to check individual’s or batch’s performance at each test in comparison with historical and benchmark performances of all batches that will be trained through M*ModalLEAP.

  • The art of pedagogy in training include:
    • Go Electronic: Completely online based study material, tests, references, and transcription practice.
    • Drilling Down: To the micro level with topics specified for each day.
    • Knowledge Retention: Each topic followed by review session, pre-test assignment, regular test, and a backup test if required.
    • Keeping Up: Use QA resources to keep up with the rapidly shifting sands of medical terminology.
    • Production simulation: Platform training in buddy system arrangement gives a perfect production simulation.
    • Continuing Education: Inclusion of structured CEP module within training for freshers.
    • Use the Best: Well-qualified faculty with industry experience.
    • Train the Trainer: Methodology that helps trainers to transform their training sessions into multi-layered, interactive, completely efficient and energizing learning experiences.

  • Highlights of the Training Program:
    • Holistic approach. Exposure to all the systems and work types.
    • Based on AHDI (erstwhile AAMT) standards.
    • Synchronization of each topic with others.
    • Individual attention.
    • Equal emphasis on quality and productivity enhancement skills.
    • Topic-wise special aids used.
    • Training material extensively used – Slides, Manuals, audiovisuals, Handouts, Exercises, Tests, etc.
    • Regular screening of famous American soaps like Friends, House, MD, etc., and eloquent American movies help candidate understand the peculiarities of America that aid bridging the understanding of 2 cultures.

  • Soft Skill:
    M*Modal pays an equal attention in developing the overall personality and maturity level of its trainees facilitating better turnaround and well polished production staff. Some of the soft skill development areas are:
    • Shift from work-hard to work-smart attitude.
    • Mentoring and effective team management.
    • Communication with an effect.
    • Team spirit.
    • Leadership training.

  • Fresh Training - Details:
    • Duration: 6 months.
    • Topics:
      • Medicine - Body anatomy, physiology, diseases, and treatment.
      • American English - English grammar, punctuation, & syntax rules.
      • Computers - MS Windows, Word, and Excel. Keyboard shortcuts.
      • Transcription - Comprehensive transcription and editing practice per AHDI specifications. Files placed in graduating level of difficulty.
      • Typing - Scientific keyboarding. Speed drills and accuracy.
      • American Culture - Culture sensitization.
      • American Accent - Accent comprehension skills.
      • Speech Recognition - Good candidates are also trained on speech recognition files.

  • Experienced Training - Details:
    • Duration: 1-1/2 to 2 months. 8-1/2 hours per day. 6 days a week.
    • Topics:
      • Medicine & English - Re-brushing on theory and other basics.
      • Transcription - Advanced training files in simulating production environment.
      • American Culture - Culture sensitization.
      • American Accent - Accent comprehension skills.

  • M*Modal Certification:
    At the end of training the candidates would appear for M*Modal certification test. Clearing this test is mandatory for the trainees (fresh as well as for experienced)to start working live on M*Modal files. Clearing benchmark being 90%, which is an aggregate of practical and theory tests.

    Candidates clearing M*Modal Certification examination are:

    • Awarded a M*Modal Certificate.
    • Provided a unique numeric code called HDSID.
    • Allowed to transcribe files for M*Modal accounts.
Tests for Test Covers Details of the test Passing Criteria

Fresh & Experienced Trainee

(transcription & theory)

Practical: The transcription test has a mix of files from all important systems and worktpes, especially operative notes.  Files are well balanced with difficulty levels too.

Theory:  Questions based on practical knowledge for transcription.

Trans: 3 hours

  • 11-13 mins dictation
  • 4 to 5 files

Covers all important systems & reports.

Theory: 2 hours
150 Questions on